Developer Central:
A One-Stop Resource That Puts Limelight Innovation in Developers’ Hands


Blog Post by Eveline Carr, Developer Community Manager

July 30th, 2020

Customers give Limelight high marks for the quality and capacity of our video delivery and content delivery services. They’ve also been asking for more powerful tools to empower their developers so they can innovate on the Edge. They want easy-to-use APIs and time-saving tools that let their in-house developers directly integrate services such as CDN, storage and video into their applications.


Limelight has accepted the challenge and this week introduced Developer Central, a one-stop resource center that puts Limelight’s innovation in developers’ hands. It includes an array of tools, documentation, and expert support to manage and monitor Limelight services.


Some key features of Developer Central include:

  • SDK (Software Development Kit): Lets developers get results much faster by providing simplified code in multiple programming languages to perform frequently-needed tasks.
  • API Explorer: An interactive tool for developers that provides documentation, code samples and the ability to try Limelight APIs in a live test environment before going into production.
  • Online Community/Forum Presence: Provides information, engagement and developer support for questions and discussions. This is a developer website developed and hosted by Limelight, with staff answering questions and providing content.
  • Use Cases: Some of the potential use cases for empowering your developers with Limelight’s Developer Central include service configuration, service monitoring and analytics, content security, reporting and serverless edge compute.


In addition, the Limelight Control Portal is compatible with most API functionality, allowing flexible workflow between Developer and Operations in DevOps environment. For example, customers can use both the Control portal and Configuration API to manage CDN configurations, switching back and forth as necessary.


Limelight’s goal is to provide technology innovation that delivers the highest performing content delivery and edge services solutions for customers worldwide. Developer Central is the latest example of that commitment.