Earth Day 2021: To Be a Healthy Society We Need a Healthy Planet


By: Steve Milmore, Director Corporate Communications

April 21, 2021

Earth Day 2021: Doing Our Part

On April 22, the world will come together again to celebrate Earth Day. It’s an international day of action, where millions of people from 193 countries pitch in to plant trees, clean up waterways, and recycle everything from plastic bottles to old laptops. To be a healthy society we need a healthy planet. Working together, we can have one – and technology can help us get there.

At Limelight, we’re proud of the accomplishments we’ve made over the years in reducing our carbon footprint. Across our company, we’ve implemented solutions that have made a significant impact. This includes improved energy efficiency and lower power consumption while at the same time increasing capacity in our network. To increase our network efficiency, we have a dedicated internal team working hard to improve in the following areas:

  • Increasing capacity so that our customers’ delivery requirements are met. Software enhancements and innovation have contributed significantly to this increase in capacity.
  • Ensuring reliability for our customers. We’ve seen record-breaking traffic and have achieved a new record for both peak bandwidth and petabytes delivered.
  • Refreshing our technology by acquiring new servers, lowering fan speeds, consolidating server locations, providing internal efficiency and lessening of the impact on the environment.
  • Specific improvements we’re proud of to-date include:

  • In just five years, we went from delivering 13Gbps per server to 75Gbps per server -- more than a 4x improvement in density.
  • In 2019, we added more than 12Tbps of edge capacity through software improvements alone.
  • Software introduced in 2017 reduced power consumption of load balancing by 3/4 over hardware. Now more than 150 servers are deployed.
  • Our strategy for reducing our carbon footprint extends into the vendors we choose to work with. The area of greatest impact is with our data center partners. When we choose data centers to deploy our hardware, whenever possible we select providers who have made a commitment to use 100% renewable energy. Our goal is to achieve more than 90 percent of our traffic to be delivered by 100 percent renewable data centers by 2030.

    As we reduced our power usage, this has also reduced costs -- saving money for our customers and increasing our return on investment. While we’re pleased with the results our team has achieved so far, we continue to seek additional ways to improve Limelight’s efficiency and decrease our impact on the environment. Every decision -- big or small -- makes an impact today and well into the future.