SmartPurge in Action

Simplify Time-Sensitive Online Content Removal


October 26th, 2020

There are times when despite all the planning leading up to content delivery, human mistakes occur. An incorrect video file is loaded, incorrect pricing is published or copyrighted content slips through. Other times, bad actors come into play with more serious consequences.


Just last month, for example, a disturbing suicide video that circulated on TikTok was uploaded as part of a coordinated effort by hackers. The company struggled to remove the graphic video, which spread like wildfire across social networks.


Speed is critical in these situations. The effectiveness of a purge request is measured in the time it takes for it to propagate worldwide through the entire network. This depends on several factors including hardware type, network size, and the number of customers requesting purges at the same time.


This is where Limelight has a big edge over the competition. Our SmartPurge feature can remove individual items or large volumes of content from anywhere in the world in milliseconds and provides instantaneous confirmation reports that content has been completely removed.


How fast? In one record-setting example, SmartPurge removed 1.1 billion cached objects totaling 612 terabytes of data across Limelight’s global network in 123 milliseconds.


SmartPurge won a Global Business Excellence Award for innovation and here are five key reasons why:

  1. It’s Smart -- The clue is in the name. We’re still the only CDN that lets customers form complex purges based on pattern matches as well as single URLs and entire directories.
  2. It’s Instant – We stop serving the objects targeted by each purge request before invalidating or deleting them within 2 seconds.
  3. It’s Informative -- We provide highly detailed reports about how many objects were affected by any purge, and where they were purged from, within 20 seconds of the purge being submitted.
  4. It’s Reliable -- We designed SmartPurge so that it’s consistently fast and can remove millions of objects from the network simultaneously. We ensure this through an award-winning architecture and mechanism for distributing purge requests throughout our network.
  5. We Purge by Content Tag Too -- Our customers benefit from an extensive API and our newly designed Control Interface with comprehensive feedback, all built on our own API.

In the past, the technology simply didn’t exist and therefore businesses were protected from legal ramifications. That’s clearly not the case today. Limelight has the technology to purge in seconds, and unlike our competitors, a guaranteed SLA to back it up.


See here for more information on how Limelight’s SmartPurge can protect your assets and your business.