The Developer’s Delivery Edge


Blog Post by Charlie Russell, Senior Product Marketing Manager

July 30th, 2020

As demand for streaming video grows, so does the pressure on providers to deliver, innovate and improve efficiency. Increasingly, the burden falls on developers. Recent customer surveys show that empowering developers is a growing priority. To help your developers manage, monitor, integrate and innovate, Limelight has been hard at work on two key developer initiatives — a new set of developer tools accessible via Developer Central and a new EdgeFunctions low-latency serverless compute offering. Developer Central is now publicly available, and EdgeFunctions is now in active trials by Limelight customers. Here’s an overview of these two initiatives.

Limelight Developer Central

What Can Developer Central Do For Your Organization?

A wealth of new developer tools make it easier than ever to automate and integrate your streaming video and content delivery. Your developers can quickly configure, manage and monitor Limelight delivery services within the software tools and portals you already use. You can retrieve realtime data for service monitoring, reporting and analytics; secure your content and access to it; configure delivery services; manage your content and storage and more.

For Developers

You’re invited to explore Developer Central, your one-stop resource for information, OpenAPI documentation, sample code, SDKs, experts to answer your questions, and a forum to engage and get your questions answered.


You can also visit API Explorer, which provides tutorials and interactive tools that let you test, modify and copy example API and SDK code live. It features loads of sample code in multiple languages that you can modify and copy to paste directly into your environment.

Limelight EdgeFunctions

What Can EdgeFunctions Do For Your Organization?

From basic access control to per-session customization, each component in your service architecture can add delay, cost and inefficiency. If you can move process computation close to the end user, you can reduce those exposures and open up opportunities for innovation. IDC has pointed to programmability at the edge as a key trend that can fuel the rich media services users demand.


Limelight EdgeFunctions is a new serverless compute platform that automatically makes your code available to many edge locations around the world, executes at the network edge close to your users to ensure the lowest latency, and scales to meet demand. The serverless approach keeps overhead low — no worries about infrastructure or overprovisioning, you only pay for services actually used.

For Developers

Limelight EdgeFunctions supports your Node.js, Python and Go code natively. It’s fast and easy to distribute and execute your code using the Upload API and Invoke API. And EdgeFunctions is serverless, so you don’t need to worry about infrastructure or scale.


You can review documentation for the Upload API and Invoke API on Developer Central. General information is available on the EdgeFunctions web page, press release and datasheet. If you have applications that can benefit from reduced latency, please reach out to your Limelight sales representative or contact us.

Limelight’s Expertise Delivering Streaming Video

Limelight has earned a reputation as a leader in CDN performance, capacity and reliability with a special focus on streaming video delivery. In the largest global video events with multi-CDN implementations, Limelight is a consistent top performer. By specializing in building the best global video delivery network, we’re able to support our customers’ largest streaming video, events, launches and peak traffic periods.


For more information, please visit the Developer Resources page on Limelight’s website.