State of Online Video 2020


John Yacano, Regional Marketing Specialist

November 18, 2020

For episode 2 of our podcast series, CDN Insights, I'm joined by Nigel Burmeister, VP of Product Marketing at Limelight Networks. In this episode, we discuss Limelight’s newest market research report, The State of Online Video 2020, which explores behaviors and habits around online video. The report is based on survey results from 5,000 consumers around the globe. Listen to the podcast episode below to hear our full conversation.

CDN Insights: Ep. 2 - The State of Online Video

During our discussion, Nigel shares many of the key findings from the report and provides analysis on why these trends are important for content providers and other members of the video streaming industry.


Nigel says, “Streaming videos is at an all time high. And, we've seen it surpass broadcast for the first time in aggregate. That's a big milestone in our research” Nigel continues, “We've also seen some significant changes in content consumption with big growth in things like user generated, content, online learning, becoming more prevalent and we’ve seen emerging demands for low-latency delivery.”


If you haven’t yet, make sure to listen to the podcast above to catch the entire episode. Also, if you are interested in diving deeper into the topic, check out the report: The State of Online Video 2020.