Control and Enablement

Manage, Configure, and Monitor The Limelight Orchestrate Platform

Want to deliver maximum impact with minimum effort? The Limelight Orchestrate Platform offers both a self-service portal and a set of API’s to configure and manage your Orchestrate Platform services. For self-service, the Limelight Control portal puts the power of the Orchestrate Platform at your fingertips, making it easy to configure services. Secure APIs are also available if you prefer to incorporate the management and reporting of CDN services into your own tools and workflow.

Control Portal

Whatever your application—video-on-demand, live video, file distribution, gaming, or e-commerce—the Limelight Control portal puts you in the self-service driver’s seat. Secure login gives you access to important components and features of the Orchestrate platform. Create all the configurations you need to serve and cache your content. Manage users, tools, live events, and more. View a wealth of reports, giving you the insights you need to succeed.

Self-Service Configuration APIs

The Limelight Orchestrate Platform offers a powerful set of configuration APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that let you control a wide range of capabilities, including content, services, and administration functionality.

Learn more about how the Limelight Orchestrate Platform integrates a massive global private infrastructure, advanced content delivery capabilities, and support services to help you deliver the best online experiences.

Data Sheet: Control and Enablement

Manage, configure, and monitor

Datenblatt: Limelight Orchestrate Platform

Von On-Demand Streaming zu Software und Webseiten, die Orchestrate Platform ist die beste Cloud-basierte end –to –end- Lösung für die effektive Auslieferung digitaler Inhalte.

Datenblatt: Limelight Content Delivery Services

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