Limelight Advanced Services

Services for rapid turn-up on Limelight’s global network

Services to help you optimize content delivery while you grow

Whether you’ve made the decision to use a CDN to deliver content to your digital audience or are just exploring the options for offloading workflows to cloud-based services, a key consideration is how quickly you can be up and running on a new solution. To address this, Limelight provides a variety of Advanced Service offerings, from initial implementation to complex configuration tuning and live events. Our experts will analyze your existing workflow, optimize your configuration on the Limelight platform, and train your team—reducing costs to you and accelerating your time to market.

Complex problem-solving support

24/7/365 Monitoring

Limelight Advanced Services are structured around transitioning to CDN cloud services and the ongoing configuration maintenance and optimization tuning. Once the decision is made to use a CDN, you’ll want to get up and running fast with a well-tuned solution to get your content into the market. Along with initial turn-up, you need to migrate your data into cloud storage with confirmation of validity and integrity, plus configure website acceleration. Once your traffic is being delivered to your users, maintaining configurations to the optimum level as traffic grows and new types are added is supported with extensive reports and metrics. If you have a major event such as a live video streaming or important software download, we have a service just for that.

Regardless of your organization’s size, Limelight Advanced Services provide these key benefits:

Access to Experts

Specialized Limelight experts tune and optimize solutions to fit your unique requirements.

Fast Migration

Switchover from your existing infrastructure and activation on the Limelight CDN while minimizing downtime during the transition.


Multiple options for ingesting data into the Limelight infrastructure, or transferring data out.

Optimized Implementation

Configuration of the CDN specific to your content profile to ensure fastest performance and highest availability.

Maximum Use

Get the maximum benefits out of the Limelight Orchestrate Platform from our Advanced Services architects.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Application of advanced caching techniques and algorithms.

Quality Assurance

End-to-end testing prior to launch.

Expert Management

Onsite and remote experts manage your “go live” moment.

White Glove

Our support team ensures the highest level of attention to detail for all inquiries and issues.

Live Training

Education of your staff on effective use of configured services.

Success Optimization

Through detailed pre-event planning and pre-configuration of network assets and solution testing, we reduce overall event risk to provide the best possible user experience and event success.

Peace of Mind

Live event monitoring and open bridge communication with client technical personnel ensures rapid troubleshooting and resolution for uninterrupted service.

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Gezielte Angebote speziell gestaltet um bestimmte Anforderungen bezüglich Website Acceleration oder Datentransfer zu erfüllen.

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Customized options to support any live or major event

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