Edge Services

Edge Cloud

Edge Compute

Limelight's edge compute services are embedded in our globally distributed PoPs and offer flexible compute options including bare metal, virtual machine and serverless compute options. Limelight’s edge compute services have direct access to our private IP backbone, our peering relationships with 1,000+ ISPs and our Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers. Our edge compute services make it easy to deploy applications and code closest to where it is being consumed, reducing the latency and costs while ensuring optimal customer experiences.

Distributed Object Storage

Centralized cloud storage systems force you to transfer and store content in a single location. However, when your data sources are not all located near your central compute location, data must travel long distances and endure transfer delay. Limelight’s distributed object storage is collocated in the same PoPs that are utilized to ingest and process your IoT data. Data can be quickly and easily stored in a local PoP close to the data source or transferred to a centralized location using Limelight’s high-speed private fiber backbone that bypasses the public internet. Limelight offers the fastest storage performance with the flexibility to support distributed storage workflows.

Edge Analytics

Limelight Edge Analytics provides a portfolio of tools that transform raw data into actionable insights that help you achieve your business goals. Limelight’s innovative EdgeQuery software collects, aggregates, and stores data for real time calculation, computation, and aggregation. The Limelight Control Portal provides dashboards and reports that let you monitor and visualize ongoing performance, while a suite of REST APIs offer programmatic access to EdgeQuery data, aggregation and processing.