Global Private Network

Edge Cloud

Global Scale and Performance

Limelight’s global private network offers the scale and reach you need to minimize latencies associated with typical cloud infrastructures by reducing the distance between your sources of data and the network edge. Our global private network includes ~130 Points of Presence (PoPs) in more than 45 metropolitan locations covering every region of the world. By strategically locating PoPs across the globe and through peering connections to more than 1,000 ISPs and leading public cloud providers, Limelight eliminates the latencies associated with sending information to distant data centers and enables critical real-time data processing and analysis.

High Capacity with Local Presence

As IoT devices continue to generate data at a rapidly increasing rate, you need an infrastructure that has the local capacity to securely and reliably ingest all of this data, no matter where it is being generated or consumed. Limelight’s network offers 70+ Tbps of global ingress and egress capacity. No matter where your devices are located or how much data they are generating, Limelight’s massive network has the capacity to seamlessly absorb traffic spikes and support the most onerous demands.

Secure Private Network

Relying on the public internet to support your critical IoT workflows can cause major challenges. When your applications are connected across multiple physical locations or you need to aggregate edge data to a centralized cloud compute facility, internet congestion and slowdowns can significantly impact your success. In addition, using the internet exposes your critical data to potential security issues, increasing your business risk. Limelight owns and operates one of the world's largest private networks, which results in superior performance in a more secure infrastructure. Our QoS and 100% TLS/SSL enabled private network utilizes 100Gig fiber backbone links to connect our global PoPs. Limelight’s private network bypasses internet congestion and isolates your data from cybersecurity issues.