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Solution Brief: File Downloads And Software Over the Air Updates For the Automotive Industry

Data Sheet: EdgeXtend

With Limelight EdgeXtend, you can dramatically reduce the need to retrieve video and other content from remote origin.

Data Sheet: Layer0 Security Platform

Layer0’s platform is built to ensure your website and applications remain open for business by keeping you protected against a wide range of security risks without sacrificing performance.

Blog: New WAF and BOT Detection Capabilities - Layer0 Security

Layer0 customers can now sign up for the Layer0 Security Platform features integrating DDoS, WAF, and Bot management solutions for web applications.

Dev 2 Dev - Layer0 by Limelight

Web development – Layer0 web CDN


Update: Apache Log4J Vulnerability

Limelight Networks has been actively tracking the newly discovered Apache Log4J vulnerability for which security researchers have found active exploitation taking place across the Internet.

Data Sheet: Build Fast Websites Faster

Traditional Web CDNs are limited by dated approaches to managing cacheable content and are disconnected from the developer workflow.

Solution Brief: File Downloads And Software Updates

Provide users with a great download experience and you enhance their desire to remain a customer.

Data Sheet: File Downloads And Software Updates

Ensure your file and software updates are optimally delivered

Data Sheet: The Fastest Web Experiences

Limelight is pleased to acquire Layer0 and its breakthrough technology for delivering web pages instantly to users.

Webinar: Better, Smarter, Cooler: New Technology to Dazzle Live Stream Viewers

Discover new technologies to improve the streaming experience for your viewers and finally reach traditional broadcast quality.

Solution Brief: Scalable Reduced Latency Live Streaming

Audiences for sports, concerts and other major events are increasingly being attracted to online video to watch these events.

Tech Brief: OTT Forensic Watermarking with Limelight EdgeFunctions and NAGRA NexGuard

Safeguard both VOD and live OTT content from leaks and piracy

Solution Brief: Improve Stream Monetization by Growing Your Audiences

Audiences have more choices than ever for enjoying the excitement of online video.

Case Study: Financial Business Systems

Financial Business Systems turns to Limelight Networks’ Edge Services to Manage Storage and Delivery of Large Real Estate Image Library.

Gartner 2021 Roadmap: Edge Strategies

Learn how your organization can leverage the advantages of edge computing

Webinar: 5 Ways Edge Compute Can Help You Today

Combine CDN and Edge Compute to unlock new business opportunities and future-proof your organization.


Solution Brief: How Low Latency Streaming And Live Viewer Interactivity Are Changing The Video Landscape

Implications Of The Shift To Live Streaming

Whitepaper: Geschwindigkeit, Skalierbarkeit und Sicherheit – so orchestrieren Sie ein ansprechendes Download-Erlebnis

Erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihren Kunden das bestmögliche Download-Erlebnis bieten.

Solution Brief: Live Streaming & Viewer Interactivity Are Changing Online Casinos

Live video streaming is permeating multiple industries and bringing about business transformation.

Interview: SimulTV Insights on Moving from the Cloud to the Edge

Watch what SimulTV has to say about the Benefits of Bare Metal at the Network Edge.

Case Study: Hope Channel

Hope Channel needed to simplify their live streaming workflow complexity while meeting the demands of audiences for a high-quality viewing experience on their choice of devices.

Case Study: Future Today

Future Today Optimizes Performance of Vast Online Video Library

Solution Brief: Deliver the Best Possible Download Experiences

For improved performance, new features, the latest software and more, smart phone, PC users, and video game players frequently download updates, and large game files.

Solution Brief: Sports Streaming – Football Clubs

Video plays a vital role in strengthening how football clubs engage with their supporters.

Webinar: How to Deliver Live Streams with Sub-Second Latency

Challenges and solutions for sub-second video delivery


Case Study: Premier League Football Clubs

All clubs are looking for ways to boost revenue following the COVID pandemic when turnstiles were shut.

Webinar: How to Tackle the Video Latency Problem

Determine your tolerance for video latency


Case Study: 4th Rock Production and Post

Joint Edge Computing Solution from Limelight Networks, Wasabi and Signiant

Webinar: How CDNs are Keeping up with Record Online Video Delivery Demand

How CDNs are coping with record demand for online video delivery


eBook: 3 Strategies Our Customers Are Using Right Now

See how global companies are moving content delivery to the network edge to gain competitive advantages

Webinar: Building a Defense Against Online Video Infrastructure and Web App Cyberattacks

Defend your online video content, web infrastructure and applications


Checklist For Deploying At The Network Edge

Critical tips and best practices to maximize performance

Webinar: Results Revealed: How Online Video is Changing the World

Key insights and analysis on how online video is changing the digital world


Tech Brief: Protecting High Value Media With Forensic Watermarking At The Intelligent CDN Edge

How low-latency CDN-integrated serverless computing can help thwart piracy at scale

Webinar: New Tools for Service Protection at the Edge

Learn real life ways to combine CDN and Edge compute and unlock new business opportunities


Blog: Earth Day 2021: To Be a Healthy Society We Need a Healthy Planet

Limelight takes action to reduce its carbon footprint worldwide

Webinar: Demystifying the Video Latency Spectrum

How to determine the optimum streaming latency for your video delivery needs


Data Sheet: On-Net Caching Checklist

Key considerations for identifying your business needs

Blog: Media and Entertainment Companies Know That The Show Must Go On!

How Media and Entertainment CIOs Address Pandemic-Triggered Disruptions

Solution Brief: Live In-Game Sports Betting

The advancements in live online sports betting is now possible due to low latency streaming

Blog: Protect Online Content With Forensic Watermarking At The CDN Edge

Combine CDN and Edge Compute to future-proof your organization

Solution Brief: Live Sports Streaming

Live sports streaming is evolving to provide viewers with a more engaging experience by including interactivity between streaming providers and the audience

Data Sheet: Limelight Managed CDN

Now service providers who also deliver content to end users can provide a better experience to users while reducing backhaul costs.

Blog: 5G Will Open The Door To Many Innovations With Realtime Video Streaming

Live streaming events will be enhanced for virtual viewers

Solution Brief: Online Casinos

The key challenges are how to stream to remote players located anywhere in the world, provide a way to include shared data between the casino and players, and handle financial transactions

Blog: Prevent Online Traffic Jams With A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs distribute traffic loads widely versus a centralized location

Blog: Deploying Low Latency Streaming to Differentiate Streaming Services

Preparing for the future of streaming with viewer interactivity

Data Sheet: WAF Auto Policy Generation

Leveraging Machine-Learning Algorithms to Automate the Process of Security Policy Generation

Blog: State of Online Gaming 2021 Report

Learn about global online video game playing preferences

Blog: Ultra-low Latency Video Streaming Offers New Ways To Engage Viewers

Ultra-low latency creates opportunities for advancement and innovation

Market Research: State of Online Gaming 2021

Video game playing spikes to new levels

Blog: Edge Cloud and 5G Combine To Reduce Latency

How to prepare for a faster, more distributed world

Blog: Implementing a Multi CDN Strategy: 5 Things You Need to Know

Multiple CDNs promise even greater levels of availability and performance

IDC Technology Spotlight: The Evolution of Video Streaming

Learn what’s driving the evolution of video streaming

Blog: How Last-Mile Providers Can Gain CDN Benefits

By leveraging a CDN, service providers can reduce costs and provide new services to generate revenue and increase margins

Blog: See Why IDC Believes the Future of Video Streaming is Bright

A perfect storm in the evolution of video streaming is creating new uses cases

Blog: Low latency streaming’s impact on entertainment in 2021

See how the demand for low latency and ultra low latency live streaming in 2020 positively impacts video delivery solutions, especially entertainment companies.

Blog: IDC’s 2021 Outlook for Edge Services

Edge services have quickly become a top priority for technology decision makers in a wide range of industries. Learn more

Playbook for Delivering High-Profile Streaming Events

Essential Tips and Best Practices

Blog: New Bit-and-Piece DDoS Attacks Emerged in 2020

Are you protected from new and emerging types of DDoS attacks? DDoS mitigation solutions can help guard your business against bit-and-piece DDoS attacks

Blog: 7 Ways Edge Innovations Are Transforming Online Experiences

The days of one-size-fits-all online experiences are over. Audiences, content owners, advertisers, delivery providers and technology providers are demanding better

Blog: Goodbye Snow Days! EdTech is here to stay

EdTech has helped increase access to quality education and remove geographic barriers by improving video content delivery to under-served students

CDN Insights Podcast: Episode 3 — 2021 Video Predictions

In episode 3 of the CDN Insights Podcast, Steve Miller-Jones joins to share with us his predictions for video streaming in 2021

Do You Know How to Pick The Right CDN for Your Video Delivery?

Check Out These Key Considerations for Evaluating the Right CDN for Your Business

Blog: Five Tips for Choosing the Right CDN for Video Delivery

There are many options on the market and decision makers need to keep a few things in mind when trying to choose the right one

Realtime Streaming Overview


IDC InfoBrief: 2021 Outlook for Edge Services

Download this InfoBrief and get a first look at the latest in Edge Computing for 2021

eBook: How Edge Compute Transforms Digital Experiences

This eBook explains how modern CDNs and Edge Compute converge to enable next-generation application development that deliver exceptional user experiences.

Blog: Limelight Networks Takes Livestreaming to the Next Level

People everywhere are watching online video to get in on the action – for live sports, gaming, auctions and the list goes on.

CDN Insights Podcast: Episode 2 — State of Online Video 2020

In this episode, we discuss Limelight’s newest market research report, The State of Online Video 2020, which explores behaviors and habits around online video.

Realtime Streaming: Sub-Second Global Video Delivery

Latenzzeit war gestern


Case Study: SimulTV

SimulTV Uses Limelight Networks Edge Compute for Global Delivery of Its Fast-Growing Video Network

Blog: Limelight CDN and Serverless Provisioning Using Terraform

Configure CDN and serverless edge compute services with Terraform from Hashicorp using the verified Limelight Provider

Blog: SmartPurge Simplifies Time-Sensitive Online Content Removal

Limelight’s SmartPurge removes individual items or large volumes of content from anywhere in the world in milliseconds and provides instant confirmation reports

Case Study: Appnext

Limelight Provides Global Infrastructure, Fueling Market Expansion for Appnext in Key Regions

[Tech Talk] Content Delivery Transformation

Trends in the OTT landscape

Data Sheet: Edge Compute for Gaming

For the gaming industry, improving user experiences and opening doors to enable exciting new real time interactive applications is key

Data Sheet: Edge Compute for Software

Analysts project that more and more computing will move to the network edge to reduce latency, bandwidth costs and centralized server load

Case Study: AnyClip

Limelight helps AnyClip launch record-setting AI event viewership

Blog: Get an Edge on Innovation with EdgeFunctions

With EdgeFunctions now available, improving online experiences, workflows and customized content delivery just got easier for developers

Connecting People to Exceptional Digital Experiences

Limelight enriches people’s lives by making information, knowledge and entertainment accessible to all


Blog: Ed-Tech Comes of Age—Overnight!

In just a few short months, remote learning went from a burgeoning business to a virtual lifeline for students and families everywhere

Case Study: TFO

The Limelight Video Platform gives TFO a fast and intuitive way to manage and distribute online video at scale to media devices everywhere

Data Sheet: Limelight Virtual Machine at the Edge

Limelight’s Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) maximizes performance by having direct access to power at the network edge

Data Sheet: Limelight Bare Metal Compute at the Edge

Limelight’s Bare Metal as a Service (BMaaS) maximizes performance by having direct access to power at the network edge

Solution Brief: Edge Compute for Media and Entertainment

Analysts project that more and more computing will move to the network edge, offering the potential to reduce latency, transit costs and centralized server load

Case Study: BYJU'S

Byju’s Uses Limelight to Connect Students to Exceptional Digital Experiences Across India

Case Study: TV5

The collaboration between TV5 and Limelight resulted in a successful launch of the new TV5 Streaming Service

Case Study: Learning Ally

Learning Ally was able to absorb a wave of new subscribers and expand their offerings in response to COVID 19

Podcast: Conversation with Dan Rayburn

We're excited to launch a new podcast series, CDN Insights, which explores topics tailored for the CDN industry

White Paper: Optimizing Mobile Video in 2020

How to leverage video delivery and analytics technology to deliver high quality experiences

Blog: Developer Central

A one-stop resource that puts Limelight Innovation in developers’ hands

Blog: The Developer’s Delivery Edge

A wealth of new developer tools make it easier than ever to automate and integrate your streaming video and content delivery

Blog: Bot Manager vs. WAF: Why You Actually Need Both

Websites and mobile apps are coming under increasing threats from an array of sophisticated cyberattacks, including bots

Checkliste: Das richtige CDN für die Video-Delivery Anforderungen von heute

Blog: How Video is Changing the World 2020

There has been a seismic shift in global viewing habits and how the impact video is now having on work, social connections and leisure activities

Market Research: How Video is Changing the World — 2020

In the past several months there have been dramatic changes and new behaviors in online video consumption of all types.

Business as [Un] Usual

Our team is working hard remotely to deliver high quality online content! Check out this video to see how Limelight is changing how streaming has become the new normal.


Blog: Politics & Pumpkin Pie: Washington & Lee students lead the way

Every four years, the students of Washington & Lee host a Mock Convention to simulate the presidential nomination process

Case Study: Washington & Lee

Washington and Lee University (W&L) in Lexington, Virginia, is a nationally ranked, private liberal arts university and one of the oldest schools in the nation.

EdgeFunctions - Serverless Compute am Edge

Video-Streaming verbessern und Content Delivery mit geringer Latenz, entwicklerfreundliches Edge Compute


Blog: Limelight adds Live Push Ingest for live stream delivery

Limelight Live Push Ingest allows you to push streaming media segments and manifests to Limelight for live distribution

Data Sheet: Limelight Live Push Ingest

Limelight Live Push Ingest puts control of origin bandwidth in the hands of content providers

Data Sheet: Limelight UltraRecursive DNS

Recursive name servers act as middlemen between end-users and authoritative servers

Data Sheet: Limelight UltraDNS Directional DNS

Directional DNS traffic management enhances the DNS by using geographic location to direct visitors to hosts nearest their location

Data Sheet: Limelight Ultra DNS Service

With internet traffic growth escalating, providing fast DNS service is complicated

Blog: EdgeFunctions

Serverless computing for real-world applications

Blog: Gen Z: The Global Game Changers

The main obstacle all gamers face is latency. Whether playing casually or competing online

Market Research: The State of Online Gaming – 2020

Binge-gaming is on the rise, with most gamers reporting having played for more than four hours consecutively

Case Study: MX Player

MX Player is India’s top entertainment platform, with more than 270 million viewers globally

Limelight Connects People to Exceptional Digital Experiences

More capacity, a bigger global footprint, and expert services help meet customer needs for online content


White Paper: Reducing Latency for Live OTT Video Delivery

Live over-the-top video delivery is becoming increasingly more popular and competitive

White Paper: Winning the Battle for the Best OTT Experiences

Consumers have more options for watching online video than ever before, and higher expectations for quality viewing experiences

Market Research: The State of Online Video 2019

Smartphones are now the primary device chosen globally to watch online video

Tech Brief: Limelight Video Platform

Simplifying the process of ingesting, transcoding, managing, measuring and distributing online video content

Market Research: The State of Digital Lifestyles – 2019

Digital technology permeates our daily lives, and nowhere has it had a greater impact than how we access entertainment

Data Sheet: Limelight API and SDK Overview

Developers can integrate Limelight services into their applications and workflows using Limelight APIs

Solution Brief: Limelight Video

Comprehensive solutions for online video delivery

Tech Brief: MMD Live

Lowering latency for live online streaming video

Limelight Video Platform Demonstration

A complete end-to-end video management and publishing solution for distributing video


Case Study: iRACING

Working closely with Limelight’s team of Advanced Service Architects, iRacing was able to implement Limelight in less than a week

Blog: Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Online Video Platform

Knowing the right questions to ask during the evaluation will make the selection process easier

Fallstudien: Network Next

Network Next verbessert das Internet für Spiele mit Limelights Edge Cloud

Tech Brief: Sub-Second Latency Streaming Changing the Video Landscape

New live streaming technology makes it possible to deliver live streams in less than a second

Tech Brief: Streamlining Multi-CDN Implementation

Insights on the basics of multi-CDN, how it works, the benefits, determining if multi-CDN is right for you, and choosing a partner

Case Study: Betclic

Delivering content seamlessly and handling large traffic surges during major events such as the FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro Championship

Fallbeispiel: Authentic Gaming

Mit Limelight’s Unterstützung ist es dem Anbieter von Live Casino Systemen möglich Kunden weltweit ein zuverlässiges und beständiges online Erlebnis zu bieten

Tech Brief: Distributed Video Origin for Multi-CDN VOD

As viewers continue to consume more video content online, their expectations for a broadcast-quality viewing experience continue to rise

Datenblatt: Limelight Realtime Streaming

Limelight Realtime Streaming garantiert Online-Zuschauern Live Action

Data Sheet: Limelight China Delivery

China’s vast audience of more than 700 million internet users offers tremendous growth opportunities for companies around the world

Case Study: Toppr

As Toppr’s business grew to 2.5 million students and 8,000 videos, it needed a solution to improve the user experience

Data Sheet: Limelight Edge Compute Services

Limelight edge computing instances are embedded in Points of Presence (PoPs) around the world

Case Study: Faurecia

Faurecia is a global automotive equipment and technology leader located in France

White Paper: Optimize Your Video Workflow

Manage and deliver online video more efficiently with the Limelight Video Platform

Shortcomings of the Public Cloud

Partnering with Limelight Enables You to Grow Your User Device Count, While Keeping the Lid on Your Compute Costs


Data Sheet: Limelight Configuration API

The Limelight Configuration API lets customers programmatically manage content delivery services

Blog: Options for Boosting CDN Performance with Origin Storage

To help accomplish their objectives, many businesses use content delivery networks (CDNs), which can deliver content found in cache

Fallstudien: DAZN

Niemand toleriert Buffering gerne während eines wichtigen Spiels

What is Limelight Networks Doing in Edge Compute?


Tech Brief: Limelight Realtime Streaming

Lowering latency for live online streaming video

Case Study: DIMOBA

DIMOBA is a French start-up that helps companies optimize digital content and strategies.

What is Edge Compute?

Leveraging the Power of Edge Computing


Solution Brief: 5 Online Delivery Challenges Solved

Lessons from the real world: How leading companies solve tough content delivery challenges

White Paper: Comprehensive Cybersecurity Defenses for Content Delivery

If you are in charge of ensuring the security of your company’s website, it has not been easy going

Limelight Origin Storage Services

Why Storage Matters in a Content Delivery Network (CDN)


Fallstudie: Cliplister

Content-Anbieter für Europas größte E-Commerce Plattformen ermöglicht Herstellern und Großhändlern effiziente Verteilung von hochwertigem Content.

Blog: Reducing Origin Server Load

Delivering content at scale always has associated challenges

Data Sheet: Limelight Bot Manager

Organizations are faced with the challenge of staying ahead of threat actors and their malicious bots

Blog: With a Lot of Money on the Line, Technology Follows—Low-Latency Live Video Streaming

The new technologies coming to bear to solve the latency gap

Blog: Multiple Solutions for Low-Latency Live Video Streaming

Delivering low latency live streams is essential for live sports and online gaming

Tech Brief: Challenges Managing Bots

Safeguard against bad bots, manage good bots

Case Study: GameOn

GameOn Co., Ltd. is one of the largest online game publishers in Japan

Blog: Migration Made Easy

Got a library of content? If so, you know that migrating content from one system to another can be time-consuming and expensive.

Data Sheet: Custom Queries

Limelight Custom Queries provide targeted access to the trove of raw log data

Data Sheet: Video Acceleration

Ensuring lower latency without compromising the efficiency of your infrastructure

Case Study: NTT DOCOMO

Limelight’s architecture supports a high cache hit rate, which results in superior CDN performance

White Paper: Optimizing the Mobile Video Experience

Leveraging the latest video delivery and analytics technology to deliver high quality experiences

Case Study: Primerica

Primerica turns to Limelight for fast and cost-efficient internal communications

Case Study: Cinedigm

Limelight’s CDN infrastructure simplifies workflows and allows Cinedigm to focus on providing more content for their customers

White Paper: 5 Tipps Die Sie Bei Der Umsetzung Einer Multi-CDN-Strategie Beachten Müssen

Case Study: mitsubachiworks inc

Making it easy for users to get the most out of content

Case Study: Cogeco Peer 1

Cogeco Peer 1 chose Limelight's CDN to bring customer content closer to their users

Data Sheet: Control and Enablement

Manage, configure, and monitor

Intelligent Ingest

Automatically improve user experience with this new feature for Limelight Origin Storage


Webinar: Key Strategies and Best Practices to Proactively Protect Digital Assets and Apps

Watch On-Demand

Limelight Video Platform: A Complete Video Publishing Workflow

Deliver broadcast quality video to any viewer device anywhere


Datenblatt: Intelligent Ingest

Vereinfacht die Migration von Inhalten in die Limelight Origin Storage

Delivering a great viewer experience

IABM interviewed Steve Miller-Jones, Sr. Director Product Management on live video events


Case Study: Cebu Pacific

Largest Low-Cost Airline in Philippines Boosts Web Performance and Online Experience with Limelight’s Content Delivery Network

Datenblatt: ARC Light

Data Sheet: Video Platform

Fastest and most intuitive way to manage, publish, syndicate, measure, and monetize web video with ease.

Case Study: Zuken

Powering Global Delivery of High-Quality Zuken Support

Case Study: Betradar

Top global sports data provider Betradar chooses Limelight’s CDN for speed, support, and scale

Case Study: Yare Media

For global reach and scalability, Yare Chose Limelight Video Services for OTT delivery

Market Research: The State of Online Video - December 2016

Read about consumer perceptions and behaviors around digital content.

Fallstudie: Nintendo Europe

Das größte Videospiel-Unternehmen der Welt veröffentlicht Content online mit Limelight CDN

Webinar: Delivering OTT Experiences that Keep Audiences Hooked

Case Study: Viki

Using Limelight Networks to deliver primetime shows and movies to millions of viewers across the Americas and Europe

Market Report: State of the User Experience 2016

Mobile Wins as Dominant Devices for Online Access and Performance Expectation Increase

Case Study: VOD Factory

Managing peak traffic demands delivering high quality video on-demand for over-the-top (OTT) companies throughout France

Data Sheet: Limelight MMD Live

Powerful cloud-based feature for transcoding live video streams on-the-fly

Data Sheet: Limelight MMD on Demand

Integrated with Limelight’s global CDN, storage and security solutions, delivering broadcast quality video

Datenblatt: Limelight Packaged Services

Gezielte Angebote speziell gestaltet um bestimmte Anforderungen bezüglich Website Acceleration oder Datentransfer zu erfüllen.

Data Sheet: Limelight WAF

Limelight provides a protective shield around your security perimeter

Fallstudie: Channel 4

Channel 4 wendet sich an Limelight für innovative Bereitstellung von online -TV

Marktstudie: Halbjärhlicher Bericht zum Stand von Online Video:

Die halbjährliche Studie herausgegeben von Limelight Networks untersucht die Erwartungen und das Verhalten von Verbrauchern im Bezug auf das Ansehen von Online Video.

Market Research: Over 1000 French consumers open up about their online shopping behavior.

Fallbeispiel: Rhapsody

Limelight Content Delivery und Cloud Storage treiben Rhapsody an - den ersten abo-basierten Online Musik Dienst

Webinar: How to Secure Your Digital Content

What businesses should be doing today to protect their digital content

Fallbeispiel: Engie

Die Orchestrate Platform und ein CDN beschleunigen Auslieferung und bringen die Inhalte schneller zu den richtigen Leuten, im richtigen Format, für jedes Endgerät.

Marktforschung: Jährlich Studie: The State of Digital Downloads

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Eindrücke und Erwartungen der Nutzer in Bezug auf digitale Inhalte.

Webinar: Optimization Strategies for Exceptional Software Download Experiences

Fallbeispiel: Dailymotion

Limelight hilft Dailymotion beim Streamen von Content in höchster Qualität rund um die Welt.

Fallbeispiel: Arsenal Football Club

100 Millionen Fans auf der ganzen Welt, die täglich millionenfach auf die Website zugreifen. Dazu stellte Limelight eine Plattform zur Verfügung, die ein durchgängiges und fesselndes digitales Erlebnis unterstützen konnte

Brancheneinblick: SVG Digital Chat

Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden, um schnelle Webseiten, ansprechende Applikationen und hochqualitative Videos auf jedes Endgerät auszuliefern

Fallbeispiel: Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar bietet Kunden, die ihre App herunterladen, eine schnelle und makellose Erfahrung – 3.000 Mal pro Tag

Brancheneinblick: Sie möchten eine OTT-Plattform aufbauen? Limelight verhilft Ihnen zum Erfolg.

Die wichtigsten Zutaten für den Aufbau einer OTT-Plattform

ESG Lab-Bewertung: Limelight Orchestrate Storage

Orchestrate Storage löst Ihre größten Herausforderungen bei der Bereitstellung von Medien.

Webinar: Bessere Videos erstellen

So erzielt man mit qualitativ hochwertigen Nutzungserlebnissen eine außergewöhnliche Zuschauerbindung

Webinar: Wichtige Überlegungen bei der Bereitstellung von Videos in Broadcast-Qualität für mobile Bildschirme

Wie Sie die richtige Strategie für adaptive Bereitstellung wählen

Bericht: So steht es um das Benutzererlebnis im Jahr 2015

Erfahren Sie, wie Kunden digitale Inhalte wahrnehmen und mit ihnen interagieren.

Fallbeispiel: Chili S.p.A.

Ein OTT-Anbieter stellt 400.000 Kunden auf einer Vielzahl von Geräten mit Limelight-Technologie zufrieden

Fallbeispiel: BubbleUp

Der CEO des digitalen Markenunternehmens BubbleUp zeigt auf, wie das Unternehmen mit Video, Storage und CDN-Services skalieren konnte.

Webinar: So erstellen Sie einen besseren Video-Workflow

Einen reproduzierbaren Arbeitsablauf entwickeln und Video-Content veröffentlichen.

Bericht: Consumer-Gaming-Trends

Die jährliche Umfrage von Limelight enthüllt wichtige Informationen zu Ihrer Zielgruppe

White Paper: CDN-Performance-Vergleich

Vergleichen Sie führende CDN-Optimierungsmethoden, um Engpässe zu vermeiden und die Website-Performance zu steigern


CoachGuitar bietet Kunden, die ihre App herunterladen, eine schnelle und makellose Erfahrung – 3.000 Mal pro Tag


Chili S.p. A.

Ein OTT-Anbieter stellt 400.000 Kunden auf einer Vielzahl von Geräten mit Limelight-Technologie zufrieden


Limelight Origin Storage Services

Eine Einführung in die Orchestrate Storage-Plattform.


Limelight Control-Portal

Vereinfachen Sie Ihren Workflow mit dem einfach zu bedienenden Limelight Control-Portal



Wie SmartPurge Anfragen sofort und in globalem Maßstab ausführt.


White Paper: Wie Sie verhindern, dass die Webseiten-Geschwindigkeit Ihre Marketingstrategie zunichte macht

Tipps zur Optimierung der Web-Bereitstellung und Reduzierung des vorzeitigen Verlassens Ihrer Website

White Paper: Vorhersehbare Performance

Führen Sie eine Schritt-für-Schritt-Einschätzung Ihrer Online-Performance durch

Bericht: So steht es um das Benutzererlebnis im Jahr 2014

Entdecken Sie die wichtigsten Trends, wie Benutzer mit Ihren digitalen Inhalten interagieren

White Paper: Gewährleistung der bestmöglichen Erlebnisqualität für Ihr Online-Publikum

Sorgen Sie für ein optimales digitales Erlebnis unabhängig von Gerät oder Standort

Report: Die Entwicklung von Onlinevideos

Die neuesten Consumer-Trends bei Onlinevideos – mit Daten aus verschiedenen demographischen Gruppen und Ländern

White Paper: Der Konsument als Produzent

Video schafft Wachstumsmöglichkeiten für die Gaming-Industrie – und so nutzt man sie

Webinar: CDNs and Intelligence at the Edge. A Winning Combination

Learn how to enhance CDN workflows with the power of Serverless Edge Compute


Infografik: Web-Geschwindigkeit und Ihr Unternehmenserfolg

Online-Nutzer hassen es zu warten – ermöglichen Sie Ihnen eine bessere Erfahrung

Infografik: Gaming-Info für das Jahr 2015

Stellen Sie ein Gaming-Erlebnis bereit, das Spieler langfristig begeistert

Datenblatt: Orchestrate für Software- und Gerätehersteller

Bieten Sie ein einwandfreies Nutzererlebnis, das sich Ihre Kunden wünschen

White Paper: Origin Storage – die nächste Stufe der Bereitstellungsoptimierung

Eine Studie über den Einfluss der Speicherkapazität auf die Bereitstellung Ihrer digitalen Inhalte

Webinar: Testen der Website-Performance – So erhalten Sie die Daten, die wirklich wichtig sind

Erfassen Sie die Daten, die wichtig sind, um die Publikumsbindung auf Ihrer Website zu optimieren

Webinar: Beschleunigung der Bereitstellung Ihrer Inhalte für Mobilgeräte

Wie Sie Ihre Inhalte für verschiedene Bandbreiten optimieren können

Webinar: Web-Performance als Strategie

Wie Sie die richtigen Leistungskennzahlen wählen, um die Bereitstellungsziele Ihrer Website zu erreichen

Webinar: 5 Dinge, die die schnellsten Websites besser machen

Wie die besten Website-Betreiber die Online-Performance optimieren

Webinar: Aufbau einer flexiblen Bereitstellungsarchitektur für Websites mit hoher Performance

Holen Sie sich die neuesten Daten und bewährten Praxislösungen für die problemlose Bereitstellung von Websites

Webinar: 5 Methoden für ein einwandfreies Gaming-Erlebnis

Stellen Sie ein Gaming-Erlebnis bereit, das Spieler langfristig begeistert

Webinar: Insider-Einblick – Was macht ein fesselndes digitales Erlebnis aus?

Was ein digitales Erlebnis echten Nutzern zufolge ausmacht (oder behindert)

Webinar: Ein einzigartiges Nutzungserlebnis für ein globales Publikum

Schnelle, zuverlässige und sichere Bereitstellung digitaler Inhalte: Eine Einführung in die Upgrades der Orchestrate-Plattform

Webinar: Strategien für Wachstum und Game-Bereitstellung auf dem PC- und MMO-Markt

Newzoo und Limelight besprechen das Wachstum des MMO-Spielemarkts

Webinar: DDoS-Attacken – Erkenntnisse aus der Vergangenheit und Strategien zur Schadensminderung

Erkennen Sie DDoS-Attacken und mindern Sie den daraus entstandenen Schaden, bevor Ihr Unternehmen darunter leidet.

Webinar: 4 Wege für Erfolg in der zukünftigen Welt der Onlinevideos

Entdecken Sie Trends beim Videokonsum, die sich auf das Video-Publishing auswirken

Fallbeispiel: Plarium

Mit den Limelight-Lösungen haben sich die Ladezeiten für die fast 100 Millionen Spielekunden weltweit um 200 % verringert

Fallbeispiel: Opsomai

Die wachsende Medienplattform von Opsomai wird durch das Limelight-CDN bereitgestellt

Datenblatt: Limelight Content Delivery Services

Wenn Sie ohne Sorgen extrem starke Nutzungsspitzen von Traffic bewältigen wollen

Datenblatt: SmartPurge

Globales Purge nahezu in Echtzeit - effizient und unkompliziert

Fallbeispiel: Washington State Bar Association

Die Washington State Bar Association erreicht ihre Mitglieder über eine integrierte Multimedia-Strategie

Fallbeispiel: Rightmove

Wie ein britisches Immobilienportal sein Benutzererlebnis drastisch verbessern konnte

E-Book: Optimierung der digitalen Präsenz

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