Your business is increasingly reliant on digital content and a 24/7/365 online presence. Any disruption can have serious consequences to your reputation, operations, and bottom line. DDoS attacks continue to be a top concern among security professionals. Yet the pace, scale, and sophistication of attacks targeting online resources is constantly increasing, so enterprises have a good reason to be worried, as growth in these attacks continues over time.


Protecting websites from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is one of the most pressing security challenges facing organizations today. Not only are the frequency and sophistication of attacks increasing, but the toolsets attackers use are becoming more commonplace. Even as the duration and size of attacks grow, many organizations don’t have essential security protections in place to defend themselves. Detecting and mitigating attacks without impacting website performance is critical to maintaining the online experience expected by users.


To help organizations combat the rising number of DDoS attacks, Limelight offers SiteProtect, a powerful DDoS Attack mitigation service running on a massive global platform with 14 global nodes and 12+ Tbps of scrubbing capacity and growing. Best-of-breed technologies, time-proven best practices, and extensive expertise, deliver a top-tier solution leveraging three proven principles of DDoS attack protection: speed, flexibility and expertise.

SiteProtect delivers expert DDoS mitigation services including:

  • ■ DDoS attack monitoring, detection and response from security experts.
  • ■ A cloud model that scales to defend large-scale DDoS attacks.
  • ■ Options ranging from customer-initiated mitigation to automatic mitigation, with DDoS attack responses in five minutes or less.
  • ■ Always-on DDoS mitigation for a comprehensive layer of protection against high-volume, botnet-based DDoS attacks.
  • ■ A large dedicated DDoS attack mitigation network with global reach to stop attacks nearest their source.
  • ■ A services portal with a live attack map providing detailed analytics to understand attack vectors, sources and targets.
  • ■ Professional Services are available to provide a comprehensive security audit to help understand what the you truly need.


Application Protection (DNS Redirect)—Alters DNS records to redirect traffic through our mitigation network. Quick and effective with customized mitigation and support from our experts. (No special requirements)


Infrastructure Protection (BGP Redirect)—All traffic destined for the IP netblock prefix (/24 or larger) is redirected to the limelight DDoS mitigation network. Clean traffic is returned to the client via GRE tunnel or NetProtect.

(Requirements: /24 prefix Class C subnet; BGP & GRE capable router; IP address space to terminate GRE tunnels outside the prefixes you need to defend.)


Large Dedicated DDoS Attack Mitigation Network—DDoS attack mitigation nodes located around the world are collocated within Limelight PoPs, providing rapid in-network detection and scrubbing.