The Limelight Solution for Gaming


The Limelight solution for Gaming is a powerful, integrated cloud-based workflow that enables you to deliver your game experiences to your users reliably and consistently while ensuring optimum performance of downloads, video streaming, and websites.


The Limelight Solution for Gaming Architecture



Developing a game is a multi-step process. It may require a single large beta test or multiple betas. The development phase may also require large file sharing, as well as video sharing with your lead gamers. The Limelight solution for Gaming makes large file sharing across your development team easy, and makes it easy to scale your beta game delivery to as many simultaneous test audiences as needed. It’s easy to upload files via API, FTP, SCP, SFTP, RSYNC, FTP-SSL and Aspera. The solution integrates easily with proprietary and third-party download managers (DLM’s).


Live gaming matches and Esports tournaments are a rapidly growing form of game promotion. In addition, highly interactive websites with teasers, trailers, and trial versions of the game play a vital promotional role. The Limelight solution for gaming ensures high-quality video sharing and event live-streaming for any of your promotional events. Limelight’s Video Services transcode and transmux video into multiple formats, including HDS, HLS, MSS, and MPEG-dash. Website Acceleration Services ensure your website reflects the speed and visual quality of your game.


Built on the Orchestrate Platform, the Limelight solution for Gaming uses a powerful global network interconnected with over 800 of the world’s leading ISPs so that your games and video content can be accessed reliably and consistently by gamers all over the world. Cloud Storage Services replicate game files to storage centers at the edge of the network, making delivery even faster. The solution scales easily to handle large multi-platform releases, and the high cache efficiency of the Limelight network ensures flawless downloads for gamers even during peak demand.


Game success after launch requires continuous gamer engagement, and high gamer satisfaction with updates, patches, and fixes. In fact, many games do not even begin to monetize until after their release. This is why from beta to launch to continuous play, the importance of reliable delivery infrastructure grows. The Limelight solution for Gaming enhances your monetization strategy by providing “always-on” performance, continuous downloads, and easy file management. Limelight’s SmartPurge capability enables you to easily manage game assets that are already out there in the network cache, allowing you to purge, and replace stale assets in a matter of seconds, not hours or days.

What Are the Benefits of the Limelight Solution for Gaming?

Fast Downloads

Eliminate slow downloads. When gamers want to play, they want to play now!

Simplified Video Sharing and Streaming Video Delivery

Deliver your game videos anywhere in the globe on virtually any device with automatic device detection and conversion to popular video formats.

Cloud Leverage

Delivery, storage, and security solutions from the cloud turn CapEx to OpEx. 

Enhanced Monetization

Ensures full monetization of your game assets beta, gold copy, and DLC.

Secure Delivery

Choose from a range of security options including geo-fencing, SSL, DDoS attack mitigation, and others, to protect your game delivery and game website.

API Integration

The Limelight solution for Gaming connects your existing workflow components to the functionality that you need with powerful APIs. You can keep existing processes while leveraging the power, scale, and capacity of our cloud-based services (like transcoding and delivery). We have the integration ability, documentation, and sample code to get you up and running as quickly as possible.