The Limelight Solution for Software and Device Manufacturers


The Limelight solution for Software and Device Manufacturers combines the power and reach of the one of the world’s largest private Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) with a purpose-built intelligent platform to deliver your digital files reliably and securely to any device, anywhere in the world. It is a proven solution that is easy to integrate with your existing delivery workflow, and works reliably to deliver your software and firmware to your customers across the globe.

The Limelight Solution for Software and Device Manufacturers

The Limelight solution for Software and Device optimizes your digital file delivery end-to-end, providing the high performance experience your users expect. It includes the following key functionality:

Global, Private CDN

Limelight’s globally distributed CDN of densely architected points-of-presence provides the enormous scale, capacity, and reliability needed for your digital file distribution strategy.

Origin and Content Protection

We can protect your origin from malicious Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and we prevent illegal file access with intelligent tokenization at the edge.

Zero Rated Traffic

Our unique file delivery solution leverages selective IP whitelisting, allowing you to make certain content and files are delivered “toll-free” over a mobile network carrier.

Connected Device Ready

Smart edge detection identifies the device making an incoming request and ensures delivery of the appropriate content.

Download Analytics and Traffic Reporting

Now you can access powerful file analytics such as download completion rates, download receipts, and traffic patterns, for smarter business decision-making.

Easy Cache and Configuration Management

Limelight SmartPurge technology enables you to quickly and easily remove corrupt or wrong files, in a matter of seconds, from the entire CDN cache.

The Limelight Solution for Software and Device Manufacturers Architecture


Software and Device Update Delivery Workflow

The Limelight architecture can deliver a continuous flow of software and firmware updates as well as major releases. Beta programs and restricted versions are easy to manage with built-in geo-fencing capabilities, and tokenization. Using our device detection technology integrated at the edge, it delivers to virtually any device. If desired, it can provide “toll free” device updates to your end users through carrier-ready zero rating capabilities. The solution allows you to gather actionable business analytics across geographical regions and devices with our easy-to-use dashboard or create your own with our live-stats APIs.

What are the Benefits of the Limelight Solution for Software and Device Manufacturers?

Security at global scale

Secure global (HTTPS) delivery means your content is protected globally.

Shift from CapEx to OpEx

Eliminate building costly delivery infrastructure. You get everything you need to ensure secure, lightning-fast delivery of your software or device updates.

Reliable Operations

Our 24X7X365 monitoring and robust network architecture ensure the highest reliability

High Download Throughput

Our industry-leading cache efficiency and densely architected network absorb traffic spikes, giving your users a superior download experience.

API Integration

The Limelight solution for Software and Device Manufacturers connects your existing workflow components to the functionality that you need with powerful APIs. You can keep existing processes while leveraging the power, scale, and capacity of our cloud based services (like transcoding and delivery). We have the integration ability, documentation, and sample code to get you up and running as quickly as possible.